About Rubadue Wire

About Rubadue Wire and triple insulated wire

Rubadue Wire is a manufacturer of high temperature insulated wire, triple insulated wire, and litz wire. 

Rubadue Wire is a name that stands for quality.  Opened in 1977 by Edwin A. Rubadue, Rubadue Wire is celebrating 40 years of serving OEM’s around the globe.  Originating in Southern California, the company moved to Greeley, Colorado in 1994.

Employee owned since 2014, our employee owners are proud to partner with customers and vendors to bring innovative solutions to the marketplace.  We are ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certified.  Striving every day for continual improvement.

Rubadue Wire is primarily known for being the first company to design and manufacture Triple Insulated Wire, which revolutionized the way agency requirements for reinforced insulation could be achieved.  Allowing engineers to utilize the entire winding window from bobbin wall to bobbin wall.  These products meet requirements for IEC 60950, 60601, 61558, 61010 and 62368.

We offer a wide range of insulation, sizes, types and configurations, with the majority of our products in the high temperature/high dielectric arena. We specialize in fine wire with thin wall applications without limiting our products to that segment. Our products are used in high profile consumer electronics and medical devices.  Typical applications for products in medical are for MRI and CT scanners, defibrillators, wireless chargers and thermometers.  Other markets include renewable energy, oil & gas, security, automotive and consumer electronics. We offer extensive options in AWM products.

Rubadue recently acquired Kerrigan-Lewis.  KL is well-known name in the wire and cable community.  Through this acquisition Rubadue is offering a range of uninsulated litz wires, served litz wires, and extruded litz wires.  

Our newest products also include a range of 300C offerings as well as CoilBond™ - heat activated self-bonding fluoropolymer. 

Sustainable, safe, quality products at competitive pricing. 

                                                          Performance Driven                –               Committed to Quality                –                People Matter


Our entire team is empowered to manufacture the highest quality wire products for our customers.  We strive to improve everyday to ensure the success of all stakeholders.



The Rubadue name stands for quality.  In our pursuit for perfection, we utilize lean manufacturing principles and six sigma methodology in all our processes.  Rubadue Wire is also ISO 9001 registered and has maintained compliance for the past ten years.  Whether you need hook up or lead wire, triple insulated wire, or custom multi-conductor cable, we proudly stand behind every one of our products.   


Selecting a manufacturer is parallel to entering into a trusting partnership that can last for many years.  From the initial concept and engineering design to production and testing, we work together with our customers and vendors to provide support throughout the lifecycle of a product.

If you need assistance with research and development, technical support in various production stages, product samples, or agency approvals, rely on our knowledgeable customer service team and experienced technical support.  At Rubadue Wire, our ultimate goal is to earn your trust and build lasting professional relationships.

Corporate Responsibility

Safety and environmental sustainability take priority in every product we manufacture.  We are UL, CSA, and VDE certified, SGS/Intertek tested, and RoHS compliant.  Rubadue Wire is ISO registered and has maintained continued compliance and certification to ISO 14001 environmental standards.  To learn more about our environmental practices and safety standards, please visit our Health & Safety page.


The Transformer Association

Rubadue Wire has been a standing member of the The Transformer Association for the past 12 years annually attending both Association meetings and participating in many different counsels and discussion groups. The Transformer Association is a manufaturing trade association comprised of transformer and power supply manufacturers, their suppliers, safety agencies, and consultants.  The focus of the TTA is to strengthen the transformer industry in North America.  Please access the TTA website from this link for more infomation.

PowerEsim, Powerlab Limited

PowerEsim is a powerful and cool tool for building Magnetics.  Rubadue Wire has proudly been a sponsor of of the PowerEsim project for the past 6 years.  By accessing the PowerEsim site with this link, your company will be able to design magnetics using wire from Rubadue Wire.

Trademark Notice: TEFLON® Trademark 

Use of the Teflon® brand requires an express trademark license from Dupont.  DuPont sells all of its fluoroproducts as DuPont™ PTFE, FEP, etc.  Therefore, only those distributors or customers who enter into a Teflon® trademark license with Dupont, are allowed to claim and promote that their product is made wth or contains Dupont™ Teflon® fluoropolymer.