1. Termination Guide for Litz Wire Conductors

    Litz Wire Conductors differ from typical conductors in that each strand of conductor material is individually insulated with a thin enamel coating that must be removed prior to termination and use in the end application. As each Litz Wire Conductor construction and application is unique, there is no…Read More

  2. Is Litz Wire Right For Your Application?

    With the ever-changing and advancement of technologies in the design and development of power electronics and the shift to higher operating frequencies, litz wire has become a primary element engineers across all industries are relying upon to produce smaller components that are meeting higher and h…Read More


    We have updated our Reach Statement. You can find our newest Reach 173 statement on our Health and Safety page. While you're there check out the other compliances that are listed. Never know, might find out something new about Rubadue Wire.…Read More