Rubadue Wire is a manufacturer of high temperature insulated wire, triple insulated wire, and litz wire.

Opening its doors in 1977, Rubadue Wire aimed to be known as a company that stood for quality. A company that could make a difference and change the way things were done. Starting out in Southern California, Rubadue Wire became the first company to design and manufacture Triple Insulated Wire. This revolutionized the way agency requirements for reinforced insulation could be achieved. This allowed engineers to utilize the entire winding window from bobbin wall to bobbin wall. This idea put Rubadue Wire on the map. Looking for more room, Rubadue Wire moved to Greeley Colorado where it resided and continued to grow for 24 years until the company relocated to a larger facility in Loveland Colorado in August of 2018.
Being employee owned since 2014, our employee owners are proud to work in a company that is apart of so many different industries and can offer solutions to such a wide variety of fields. Although we specialize in fine wire with thin wall applications, we also offer a wide range of insulation, sizes, types and configurations with the majority of our products in the high temperature/high dielectric arena. A few of the industries our wire can be found are medical, renewable energy, oil & gas, security, automotive and even consumer electronics.