Counterfeited Wire

Insulated wire is used in many different applications. Most of these applications are everyday uses where people don't really think much about the possible dangers. As manufacturers of insulated wire, we are subjected to rigorous safety agency testing. Our products are required to meet the highest standards for personal safety. Rubadue Wire takes pride in surpassing these requirements and offering the highest quality insulated wire in the world. This cannot be said of counterfeited wire. Companies who manufacture counterfeit wire do not pass safety agency testing because they do not want to pay for the tests, and because of lower quality materials. Insulated wire that is not manufactured to safety standards has a higher possibility of failure, which can result in product failure, risk of fire, and even personal injury. Failure of counterfeit wire in a medical application could even result in death. Counterfeited wire is never going to get headlines in the news, but is a serious problem that needs to be addressed. You are unlikely to receive counterfeited wire that is labeled as Rubadue Wire, but if by chance you feel you have received product that isn't genuine Rubadue Wire please use the contact link on the Rubadue Wire Website. We will look directly into the problem and resolve any concerns that you may have. If you are shopping online for Rubadue Wire products be aware that this website,, is not an authorized agent for Rubadue Wire. Thank you for helping Rubadue Wire combat this problem.