1. IEC 60950-1 Has Been Replaced. What Does That Mean for Rubadue Products?

    For many years, IEC 60950-1 and its UL equivalent, UL 60950-1, have served as the governing safety standards for Information Technology Equipment (ITE), or more simply put, consumer electronics and electronic components. As of December 20th, 2020 though, IEC 60950-1 was replaced by IEC 62368-1 and U…Read More

  2. Insulated Winding Wire 101: Selecting an Insulated Winding Wire Part III: Application-Specific Concerns

    When designing or selecting an insulated winding wire for use in a wound component, it is important to consider all of the following:  What is the range of operating temperatures that the product will see in your application?  What temperatures will the wire be subjected to in downstream manufac…Read More