1. The Different Test Methods Used for Electric Strength and Breakdown Voltage Testing on Winding Wires

    There are three different test methods used for Electric Strength testing and Breakdown Voltage testing on winding wires. This article will give a brief description of each test method and outline the sizes of winding wires that each test method should be used for. First, however, it would be pruden…Read More

  2. IEC 60950-1 Has Been Replaced. What Does That Mean for Rubadue Products?

    For many years, IEC 60950-1 and its UL equivalent, UL 60950-1, have served as the governing safety standards for Information Technology Equipment (ITE), or more simply put, consumer electronics and electronic components. As of December 20th, 2020 though, IEC 60950-1 was replaced by IEC 62368-1 and U…Read More

  3. Insulated Winding Wire 101: Selecting an Insulated Winding Wire Part III: Application-Specific Concerns

    When designing or selecting an insulated winding wire for use in a wound component, it is important to consider all of the following:  What is the range of operating temperatures that the product will see in your application?  What temperatures will the wire be subjected to in downstream manufac…Read More